My name isTony Andreas RudolphLifestyle photographer & Art Director

Tony Andreas Rudolph believes that if you want to tell stories, authentic and natural photos are the way to go.

But what does it mean to be authentic? It means to don't be posy. Do less retouches on the photos and try to capture of what is actual there.

Natural means to capture emotions where everyone can see themselves in. This helps to get a deeper connection to the viewer of the photos.

The perfect goal is to capture the most authentic and natural photos, with a slight tint of a moody feeling. Because Tony love it to capture unique natural situations.


Hi, my name is Tony Andreas Rudolph, I am a 28 self taught photographer who is home in the area of lifestyle and people photography. Originally I am coming from the Visual Effects Industry where I had the please to create effects for movies like Rogue One – A Star Wars Story, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America Civil War, Transformers – The last Knight and many others.

I came to photography because I want a create the complete opposite to Visual Effects where images get massively manipulated. I decided to capture natural images with nearly no retouches and no manipulations. This is how my style got born.


The positive result comes at the end to my clients where I can deliver photos in a very short amount of time with natural and authentic results on a high level.

2017 – Feature in B-Authentic Magazin

Paris with my Love

Autumn Colors with Selina

The Black Box

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