Hiking, Traveling and shooting

Hiking, Traveling and shooting

This is my very first blog post here on my site, I want to try to use this format to give you guys a bit more backstory about myself and I also wants to inspire you in some cases. Maybe I will post some stuff about my post production processes and maybe I will show you some stuff. But the main topics I want to capture here is hiking, traveling and photo shooting.


Do whatever you what especially if it makes you happy!

Photo Shooting

Photography became some kind of important to me in the last year. Normally did I started photography only because I want to meet you people and find out more about their life. So what I was trying to do is to meet as much people as possible to find out more about how they life and more about their past life.

But something changed. I am not sure if it’s Instagram or the community after all. For me became photography more important and I started to set me goals on what kind of level I want to be in the future. Or if I want to be in a kind of Magazine or if it’s possible for me to work together with companies to create authentic lifestyle images for their instagram, blogs, website or magazine.

I started to kind of to like the idea.





I do hiking since my childhood. I grow up in the deep countryside of Germany where I had my first contact with the internet when I was 16. So you see, I come from the deep deep countryside of Germany, even when my dad worked for the Telekom in the past. I feel connected to nature since then and I really enjoyed it to be outside.

But since I lived in Vancouver, Canada for a longer while, I started to hiking and call it since then my passion. In the past did I used the mountains only to go snowboarding. Hiking helps to stay fit, get the head free and simply just relax. Since this year I started to combine hiking and lifestyle photography together to create breath taking images with humans in front and nature in the background.


Something everyone likes to enjoy, traveling. And something I want to do more in the future. Go traveling, exploring the world and it’s different cultures.


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