I started my creative career with 15 years. Building and designing websites, at these days was it hard to find good stock photos, icons and illustrations for the own website. So I set myself a goal, I want to be able to create everything that is needed to fill a website by my own.

That created the fact that I started with digital painting. I ended up in the visual effects industry, for me the most innovative and creative industy on this planet. Since then is the VFX philosyphy part of me "nothing is impossible when you can imagine it". I worked on big budget movies like the Marvel and Star Wars Franchise and in 2017, photography came back to my life.

Doing my time in visual effects, responsible for painting concept art and deplacing backgrounds with digital matte painting. I didn't want to do that with my photography. My goal was to capture the most authentic images without retouching or editing them. Just the original image combined with an unique and recognizable look, like a finger print or something like you are watching a movie, you know it's either a Christpher Nolan or David Fincher movie just because of his unique color and image style. So my photography style was born.